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Security Officer Comprehensive Training Program
The Security Officer Comprehensive Training Program chapter can also be used as an 8-hour training session for new security officers or as an 8 or 16 hour annual training session. The security officer Comprehensive Training program complies with most States mandatory 8 or 16 hour indoctrination training. It can also be used for annual training.

Power to Arrest
• Relations with the local police
• Observation and Report Writing
• Making an Arrest
• Searching the Suspect
• Terrorism

Pepper Spray Techniques
• When to use Pepper Spray
• Pro-Active Considerations
• Liability issues to consider
• Handling Aggressive Situations

Traffic Control
• Hand Signals
• Controlling Intersections
• Traffic Control Equipment
• Traffic Flow
• Proper Stance

First Aid
Complete First Aid training sessions covering everything from minor injuries to life threaten situations. Realistic video is used to demonstrate the injuries and First Aid care techniques.

Demonstrates how to perform CPR. For adults/children/ infants. It also demonstrates how to administer the Heimlich maneuver for choking victims. The First aid and CPR sessions comes with a 300+ PowerPoint slide presentation.

This chapter stresses to security officers the importance of communication. The following are a few of the topics covered:
• Circumstances that require notification
• Transmitting clear and complete information
• Proper telephone procedures
• 911, Police, Fire Department and EMS communication.

Observation and Documentation
This chapter teaches officers the most effective methods of note taking, filling out reports clearly and how to make them concise. The following are a few of the topics covered:
• Observation / Patrol Techniques
• Asking Appropriate Questions
• Report Writing
• Incident Reports
• Daily reports
• Note taking

Liability / Legal Aspects
This chapter covers the security officer’s responsibility regarding liability. The following are some of the topics:
• Types of liability to consider
• Vicarious Liability
• Initiating legal actions
• Formal sanctions
• False arrest
• How to protect the company’s liability exposure
• Role of the Security officer

Workplace Violence
• Effects of Workplace Violence
• High Risk Occupations
• Prevention Strategies
• Common Sense Strategy
• Body language

Homeland Security  
This chapter gives the security officer a better understanding of their Homeland security responsibilities
• Recognizing suspects and suspicious circumstances
• Reporting suspicious circumstances
• Duties in catastrophic situations
• Cooperating with law enforcement
• Crowd control

Courtroom Demeanor
• Demeanor while in the Court
• Courtroom Testimony
• Defense Tactics
• Trial Procedures
• Pretrial Testimony
• Subpoena Process

• Pacing Patrols
• Documenting Patrols
• Considerations while patrolling
• Inside Patrols
• Outside patrols
• Vehicle Patrols
• Equipment inspections
• Property inspections

Public Relations
• Prejudice Defined
• Discrimination Defined
• Stereotyping Defined
• Sexual Harassment
• Mental Illness
• Crisis Intervention

• Firearms Safety
• Trigger Control
• Sight alignment
• Proper Stance
• Physical Standards

Security Officer Pocket Manual
The program comes with the Security Officer Pocket Manual template that you can modify part or all of it to fit your State and company requirements

Traffic Control
• Hand signals
• Move traffic smoothly
• Proper use of traffic control equipment
• Intersection traffic control

• Supervision Styles
• Expectations of a Supervisor
• Duties and Responsibilities
• Subordinate Evaluating
• Counseling
• Liability Issues

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