security guard patrol division
Facilitates Coordination

American International Protective Agency has a definite organizational structure within the Patrol Division, which facilitates coordination and Communication between the various supervisory levels.

Responsive Management on All Levels

At the head of the Patrol Division is the Executive Vice President of Operations, ultimately responsible for the management of the entire uniformed security officer force.  The Patrol Commanders and Watch Commanders operate out of Company Headquarters round-the-clock.  They ensure that all sites are scheduled and covered with qualified employees, problems with security officers resolved training and orientation assignments completed and supervisory inspections made.  On the same level are the client project managers, reporting directly to the assigned Patrol Commander and working in cooperation with the Watch Commanders.

Patrol Commanders

The Patrol Commanders are responsible for scheduling all security officers, taking into account business profiles of and our other clients.  This is accomplished by using the Qualification/Requirement portion of Patrol Command Systems.  This system allows Watch Commanders and Project Managers to call up at any time data on who is scheduled for what post and when.  It also eliminates double scheduling and gives management control over individual work schedules, curtailing overtime.  Most importantly, the system will only allow those individuals to be scheduled for a site who possess pre-determined qualifications.  These schedules are printed weekly on each employee’s paycheck so that officers are informed well in advance of their work schedule.

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