Proven management systems are ready to handle up to twice the current business volume without significant changes, leaving a large unused capacity waiting to be filled.

Access to Management

When telephones American International Protective Agency any time of day, you have the option of speaking directly to any member of our company’s supervisory, management, or executive staff. There is always a manager on duty, 24-hours a day, every day. The dispatcher can page or patch your management to an executive or manager, anytime. All managers are required to check their voice mail, even on days off.

Security Awareness Bulletins

American International Protective Agency routinely provides its clients with security awareness bulletins and other information that might be needed to make informed security decisions. Our top level executives and managers lecture on security issues at meetings set up with client personnel and their tenants. The Future is now As American International Protective Agency turns now to the future, it is more important than ever that commitment to quality remain alive in every manager for all employees to observe and learn from. An honest, open communication between both clients and company, and employees and managers, is an essential part of this philosophy, and is encouraged and practiced by everyone.

The American International Protective Agency Quality Management System


1. To establish and maintain an ongoing, systematic program of monitoring, data analysis, assessment, and comprehensive evaluation that supports continuous quality improvement.

2. To identify opportunities and develop strategies to improve delivery of services provided to customers.

3. To promote maximum active participation and commitment from all personnel (security officers, support and management) in quality assessment/quality improvement activities.

Our Quality Control division is instrumental in ensuring that receives quality and professional service and that all mandated security goals and needs are met.

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