Dispatch & Monitoring ­ 24-hours a Day

Our dispatchers working the Central Station are highly trained in the various functions of their job, from utilization of the computer and electronic equipment to alarm response procedures and public relations.
American International Protective Agency maintains a compliment of dispatchers on duty 24 hours a day.
Dispatchers are continually monitoring Security Officer’s activity regarding:

  • Checking On/Off Duty
  • Time Checks
  • Patrols
  • Incident Data Entries
  • Check Station Activity
  • Supervisor Inspections
  • Local authority notification, as needed
  • Security Officer Requests for assistance
  • Alarm Response
  • Escorts
  • Vehicle Patrol Checks
  • Equipment Accountability
  • Special Requests

Our Central Station dispatchers are at the hub of our communications procedures.  If required, Security Officers for contract would all carry radios and wear pagers.  Should executives or managers need to be contacted; our dispatchers have notification information at the ready through the computer.  Thus, information supplied by the officers on-site would be immediately available to those persons who require it.

Disposition Control

All calls for service are logged into our system and require a disposition from the Security Officer within a specific time window, depending upon the nature of the call.  Any missed disposition from a Security Officer is immediately brought to the attention of the dispatcher by our computer and appropriate steps are made to correct it immediately.

Radio Communications

Our Central Station has direct radio communications with Security Officers in the field, as well as Patrol Vehicles and Supervisors who inspect various sites.  They also have direct dial to all Police, Fire and utility authorities.

American International Protective Agency has RADIO SYSTEM.   American International Protective Agency also has mobile phones and digital beepers available for additional communications.  All communications radioed and telephoned into the Central Station are recorded on tape and documented.

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