Job Qualifications

All Security Officers must meet and maintain the following requirements:

  • Possess a high school diploma, or equivalency.
  • Be able to read at least at the 6th grade level.
  • Be able to write or print legibly.
  • Temperament
  • Be able to deal with the general public.
  • Be able to maintain poise under stressful situations.
  • Pass the state security officer’s license requirement.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license and have no more than 2 points.
  • Be able to walk for long periods of time.
  • Have eyesight with corrective glasses of at least 20/40.
  • Have normal hearing.
  • Be well proportioned height to weight ratio.
  • Any employee may at any time be required to take a physical examination as a condition of continued employment
Permanent Schedules
  • When possible, it is the policy of American International Protective Agency to hire only full-time officers to regular 40-hour permanent schedules.  While the greater portion of our officers falls into this category, we do have a small cadre of part-time employees who fill swing shifts, or special assignments.  All current contractual obligations are therefore satisfied.
  • Taking over another Contract Security Companies contract, or when conducting a proprietary conversion, it is American International Protective Agency’s policy to interview and offer employment to the personnel of the client.  Those individuals must also pass our pre-employment screening procedures and have the approval of.
No Minimum Wage Employee
  • All American International Protective Agency personnel are paid not only a rate far above minimum wage, but by far, above the industry standard.
Low Turnover
    • For years the fact of no unjustified turnover is directly reflected in our low unemployment insurance rates.

Personnel Selection

Selective Recruiting
      • Less than 10% of those who apply for employment are even considered.
      • The first step to effective performance is the selection of personnel who meet the specified qualifications required for.
Criminal Record/Drug Screening
      • Our current pre-employment process includes in-depth interviews by a trained personnel specialist, background investigations, and criminal record checks by our staff investigators.  Applicants must also pass a physical examination including narcotic oriented screening.  We currently use the [DRUG] screening system.
Screening:  Police/Fingerprint/License
      • Finally, they must pass Ohio police department screening of photo, fingerprint, and license statements.  It is understood that if an applicant has recently moved to the area, police screening will be obtained from the applicant’s home state. All American International Protective Agency employees are routinely licensed in the jurisdiction to which they are assigned.

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e-mail resume to: Attention Hiring Manager.

Download the Application on PDF: AIPA Job Applicationand fax to: (614)-929-7376

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