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The American International Protective Agency organization is a team, with every person in the company a player, expected and needed to perform to their fullest capacity. American International Protective Agency objective is to make a fair profit, achieve sales and budgeting goals, while at the same time remaining committed to quality service and strengthening the connection between its employees and clients.

American International Protective Agency recognizes that in order to achieve our mission we must:

  • Recruit and retain the most qualified agents in the industry.
  • Provide our agents with a continuing education program that employs the most current technology and protection techniques available.
  • Continually monitor the national and international socio-political environment to develop our services in an efficient manner.

The success of our firm will only be measured by the level of peace of mind that our client’s experience while under our protection.

Keys to Success
The officers of American International Protective Agency recognize that there are specific factors that determine the success or failure of a firm within the security and protection service industry. The factors that are key to our firm’s success will be:

  • Establishing American International Protective Agency as a leader in the high-profile protection sector of the security industry. In order to earn this leadership position our firm’s reputation must remain untarnished.
  • Developing a network of agents and officers that will be available at a moment’s notice to handle every assignment our clients offer.
  • Generating new business leads through a referral program that includes our clients, our agents, and our strategic partners.
  • Leveraging our expertise to continually improve upon our services.

The most important objective for providing successful security is to understand exactly what each client’s requirements and expectations are. We are then able to station the best qualified Security Officer to fit into that client’s business profile.

Corporate Headquarters
PHONE: 1-800-421-7078 | FAX: (614)-923-7376

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