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At American International Protective Agency, our clients tend to remain with us and we attribute this primarily to our immediate staff responsiveness to their needs and concerns, our determination to work on a problem until it is solved to everyone’s satisfaction, and the continuous efforts on every management level to provide professional service. American International Protective Agency provides unarmed/armed guard service to our clients. It should be noted that we have several other client locations that have Sergeants and/or Lieutenants assigned to the post as site supervisors.  They act primarily as trainers and coordinators as well as performing specific duties.

Client Relations

24 Hour Day Availability Of American International Protective Agency’s Managers.

The management staffs at American International Protective Agency, from the President to the Project Managers, Watch Commanders and field supervisors, are always available to respond to client concerns.  All problems are thoroughly investigated and action taken as necessary.  Any Security Officer can be replaced at any time at the sole discretion of, no questions asked.  Our management responsiveness is a guarantee.

Contract Milestone Schedule Should award this contract toAmerican International Protective Agency, the moment the contract is signed, all implementation procedures will be put into effect.

American International Protective Agency executive management personnel will meet with Client to obtain copies of exact schedules, post instructions and specific duties.  A key control system and a notification list with telephone number will be created.

If check stations are required, before the contract beginsAmerican International Protective Agency’s technical staff will install them at locations approved by all the data will be entered into our computer and printed out, and brought to by an executive to ascertain that we have the correct information.  Once approved, this data will become our mandate unless changed by. The final step before commencement is a visit to by an executive, along with a manager, the Sector Supervisor(s) and the Security Officer(s) assigned to contract. Only after the implementation form is complete and approved by and American International Protective Agency, will we consider ourselves ready to serve.

Smoke-Free Workplace
In keeping with American International Protective Agency’s intent to provide a safe and healthful work environment, smoking in the workplace is prohibited except in those locations that have been specifically designated as smoking areas.  In situations where the preferences of smokers and nonsmokers are in direct conflict, the preferences of nonsmokers will prevail.
Security officers shall not smoke while on-duty in public view, or in areas where it is prohibited, including client managed properties and American International Protective Agency owned vehicles.

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