A recent survey of the competitive landscape has indicated that many of our competing firms have substandard levels of customer service and a very limited service line.  American International Protective Agency seeks to establish a competitive advantage in our target market segment by taking advantage of these deficiencies.
Our firm’s competitive edge will be established and maintained by the following factors:

  • Drive and Determination:

    The founders of our firm understand that in order to remain competitive in our target market it is necessary to possess a high degree of drive and determination to succeed. Our firm will go above and beyond what is promised to our clients to ensure that they are provided with superior, professional services. One of the primary factors that will allow our firm to meet its objectives is our founders’ ages. The typical “security” company is owned by individuals that have worked in the law enforcement field and are either in, or near, retirement. These companies are not active in their approach towards the market and the changing needs of our client base. More importantly, such companies lack sensitivity about the unique needs of our niche market. To the contrary, American International Protective Agency Inc’s founders, while below the average age of the typical security company owner, have significant experience in dealing with a wide variety of security details. Furthermore, our founder’s age is an asset to the growth and sustainability of the firm, as they are in growth and development stage of their career curve. They have the ambition that it will take to position American International Protective Agency favorably in the regional market.

  • Professionalism:

    The founders of American International Protective Agency and their agents have extensive experience in working with an expansive client base. From celebrities to dignitaries to high-profile venues, all agents are well versed in the most modern security tactics and procedures. All representatives of American International Protective Agency hold themselves to high standards and take pride in knowing that they constantly over perform in their duties. In addition to the professionalism that our field agents and guards display, our infrastructure has been built on a platform where the client’s best interest is our primary concern. We have established a comprehensive communications network that ensures that we are always available to meet our client’s needs.

  • Service Line:

    Our company offers a full service line that was designed to allow our firm to meet our client’s every need. Our firm is the only security agency in the Columbus Metro Area that offers 360 degrees of protection. Our expansive service line gives our firm competitive advantage over other agencies in our target market by providing our clients with the convenience of “one-stop shopping.”

The factors above create a synergy for American International Protective Agency that places our firm in a favorable competitive position over those firms with which we compete. As we move forward, American International Protective Agency will continue to monitor the external environment to develop programs and services that are in line with our client’s needs and allow us to improve upon the above factors.

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