American International Protective Agency offers our clients our newest security guard / security service supervision technology called Guard Tec Active-Guard which is an essential tool for any client that requires security guard services. Guard Tec Active-Guard is a real-time tour verification system that easily allows clients to remotely manage mobile personnel or contractors, such as security guards. The system includes the ability to monitor activity via the internet, to receive tour reports and incident notifications in real-time, to ensure that security officers are on-site and on time, and to maintain a level of safety for personnel while on the job. Active-Guard is a multi-function unit that includes an RFID reader, cell phone, and panic system. All three functions are incorporated into a single device that is easy to use.

guardtek flow chart

Active-Guard can help track security guard tours in real-time, allowing you to monitor activity in the field and react immediately when something goes wrong. The built-in RFID reader records information stored on RFID tour “tags”, sending the information instantly. Each tag has a unique and non-duplicable ID, installed at different locations that need to be checked. For each tour, a number of criteria can be defined, so you will be warned if personnel are not operating based on pre-determined parameters. These include criteria such as the maximum duration of the tour, minimum number of tags needed for a complete tour, number of daily tours, and weekly tour schedule. The scheduling information can help monitor actual hours worked in comparison to invoiced hours, and whether guards are arriving on time and staying for the full duration. If a tour does not meet a set of pre-determined requirements, you will be notified instantly via email or text message.

The system also allows the reporting of incidents and actions and sends the information in real-time. Tags can be defined for specific incidents that you wish to be notified about instantly. Since criteria can easily be configured, the system can quickly adapt to changing needs. Finally, the lone protection system can protect guards in a number of ways, including the use of a panic button on the device or by setting maximum times allowed between tours or between tags before an emergency message will be sent. In addition to allowing information to be managed in real-time, the system can impressively distribute critical information. The built-in notification system can instantaneously deliver information via email, text message or by a direct alert on a screen. Different types of information can be setup to be distributed to different people There is a full comprehensive reporting module that provides the ability to run statistics reports related to the activity of a single or multiple locations. The reports are based on criteria selected by the client and can provide insight into the quality of services delivered. Since the information is available remotely, information can be consolidated into one location from as many locations as needed. Monitoring your business from a single location guarantees the best reactivity to any type of issue requiring urgent action. The system also provides an audit trail.

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