The American International Protective Agency (AIPA) and AISCO Security is a team, with every person in the company a player that is expected and needed to perform to their fullest capacity. American International Protective Agency’s objective is to make a fair profit, achieve sales and budgeting goals, while at the same time remaining committed to quality service and strengthening the connection between its employees and clients. The success of our firm will only be measured by the level of peace of mind that our client’s experience while under our protection.

The most important objective for providing successful security is to understand exactly what each client’s requirements and expectations are. We are then able to station the best qualified Security Officer to fit into that client’s business profile.

AISCO Security ensures that our clients remain with us as we attribute this primarily to our immediate staff responsiveness to their needs and concerns, our determination to work on a problem until it is solved to everyone’s satisfaction, and the continuous efforts on every management level to provide professional service.

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